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Welcome to The Red Pill, we hope you will join us in creating a true community resource! Our goal is to create a comprehensive and informative catalogue of all things which challenge the status quo, those weird and wonderful things which live on the edge of the paradigm.

Find information and share your own

The best place to start is by browsing - head to the Main Page and look through the categories which interest you most. Alternatively, you can search The Red Pill using the Search box on the far left of your screen.If you don't find what you're looking for - then create the entry yourself! This is how Wikis work, and you can contribute to The Red Pill (TRP) very easily by adding your personal knowledge to the pool. Alternatively, you may edit any article to fix errors, or add extra information you deem necessary for a fuller understanding.

Don't be nervous or daunted about adding or changing things on The Red Pill - all pages have their history recorded and can be rolled back in the case of a mistake (please do use the 'preview' feature though to check it before posting). This also means that vandalism can be removed quickly, by vigilant and honourable users.

The range and depth of subjects we're trying to list is absolutely massive - some might say it's too big a job. However, communities working together can achieve amazing things - so please do join in. If each person adds a little bit of their own personal knowledge and interest, the results will be amazing. All contributions are appreciated by the whole community, whether it's a long article or a simple punctuation fix.

So please do join on in - regular contributors are sure to make friends with like-minded individuals, so it's not only going to be a great resource, but a great meeting-point as well. We look forward to seeing you around!