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Anyone can become a user on The Red Pill, simply by clicking on the Log in at the top right of nearly every page. Those who write under as members are more likely to be afforded respect, as there is a history of their contributions to view (versus an IP address against various entries).

Choose a handle for yourself (no spaces or punctuation), and also a password that you'll be able to remember. If you would like to be credited for your entries with your real name, then fill out the "real name" area. If you wish to remain semi-anonymous, leave it blank and just your username will be used for crediting. Once you have set up your account you can customize TRP via the Preferences page.

Members have their own user page on which they can enter information about themselves, their website etc. They also have a Talk page for discussions with others, and also have various privileges such as creating page watchlists and marking changes as minor (eg. spelling corrections).