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The Red Pill is a user-driven site - as such, our policies are expressly aimed at protecting users. Beyond that, our policies are also in place to guide users towards the goal of objective entries, and protecting individuals from unfair treatment.

General policy

  • User information is private and confidential. User logins are for that purpose only - no user data will shared or sold to third parties under any circumstance, excepting legal reasons.
  • All TRP content is free and unbound by copyright. Do not include any copyrighted work in your entries unless permission has been given by the copyright holder, and when you do use someone's research please reference them.
  • Entries should be from a neutral point of view. Please do not proselytise for your favourite subject. By all means, present the information - but do it in a fair and balanced manner, presenting all sides with equal respect. The Red Pill is built around controversial subjects - by creating entries in a neutral way, it allows others to understand the arguments much more comprehensively.
  • Administrators reserve the right to act to protect the community The administrators of TRP are here for two reasons. To protect the community and help guide contributors. They reserve the right to act in any way necessary to achieve those goals (though most times with a friendly face!).