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The Red Pill is a Wiki. If you wish to become a part of the community, creating new entries and participating in discussions, the best way to learn is by working through the help files on the greatest Wiki of all: Wikipedia. Their help pages are comprehensive - have a read if you want to become a Wikimaster.

For those just looking for the basics, so they can start editing straight away, below is a short tutorial.

Creating a new article

At its core, an article just has to be text about a certain subject. As such, all that you need to do is create a new article, and type in the article details. First thing though, you should search The Red Pill to see if it already exists (including spelling variations). If not, there are two easy ways to create an article. The easiest is to click on an article link which points to a non-existent article. You can then begin creating the new entry. If no article links to the page you want to create, an easy method is to do a search for the article name (typing it exactly how you want it to be titled), and then click on the link in the first line of the results page (words 'this exact title').

Introduction to Creating/Editing

Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating or editing an article:

  • There is no need to title your article - the article name automatically becomes the title
  • It's best to write a short introduction to the topic of the article, then follow that with relevant sections with sub-headings.
  • Creating sub-headings automatically creates a 'Table of Contents' at the top of the page.
  • If you mention a topic which deserves its own article, then link to it (even if it is non-existent - someone is likely to then create it by following the link you have created).
  • Write from a neutral (objective) point of view.
  • You might want to use a word processor to originally create a new article, so that you can do regular saves (avoiding file lose due to power outages and computer crash)
  • Always preview the page before saving it, to make sure you've got it all right before committing it. If it is a small correction or similar, tick the minor edit box (members only). Also, add a short description of your edit to the Summary box, so that others know the changes you have made.

Formatting the Article

While basic text is good enough, formatting and interactivity will obviously make the article much more accessible. Here's a very basic guide:

  • Sub-headings are created by enclosing the sub-heading in two equal signs. eg. the above subheading was created by adding this code: ==Formatting the Article== .
  • Italics are created by surrounding the desired words with two single quotes on each side. Thus, ''here are some italics'' would be seen as here are some italics.
  • Bold text is created by surrounding the desired words with three single quotes on each side. Thus, '''here is some bold''' would be seen as here is some bold.
  • Lists can be created by adding an asterisk (*) at the start of each new line before each list item, for an unordered list, or a hash mark (#) for a numbered list. Multiple instances create sub-lists of the preceding list.
  • Links to other articles can be made (whether existing or non-existing) by enclosing the title words in two square brackets. So [[Main Page]] will result in Main Page. If you want the linked text to differ from the page, use the pipe (|) symbol to separate them. So, [[Main Page|The Red Pill]] will result in this: The Red Pill.
  • Links to external websites can be done also using the square brackets (just one on each side this time however), adding first the web address, followed by a space and then the linking words. So, [ Here's the Daily Grail] would result in Here's the Daily Grail.
  • A plain picture with no formatting can be inserted using double square brackets, and the Image category prefix followed by the filename - eg. [[Image:HolyGrail.jpg]] . Images must first be uploaded to The Red Pill via the Upload page (you must be a member to use this function). Please ensure that all images are either copyright free, or are uploaded with the permission of the copyright holder (make a note of this in the upload summary, so others know). For better formatting of the image, we recommend using the following code, replacing the obvious with the details of your image: [[Image:HolyGrail.jpg|thumb|An image of the Holy Grail]] (in order, this places HolyGrail.jpg within the article, as a framed thumbnail, and with the caption "An image of the Holy Grail").
  • Articles can be placed in categories by adding the category link at the very end of the article (see the Main Page for the current categories). For example, to add an article on Dan Brown's upcoming book The Solomon Key to the appropriate category, you would place [[Category:Fiction Books]] at the end of the article. If you think the article belongs in multiple categories, then continue to add the appropriate category code on subsequent lines. Please do not enter article text on the actual category page!!
  • The easiest way to get a feel for it is to simply click the 'Edit this page' tab at the top of any article, and look at the raw input.