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Question away!

  • I don't see a category or subcategory that covers a certain subject. How can I create or suggest one?

Categories and subcategories are created automatically when someone inserts a category tag at the end of their article, pointing to a non-existent category. So, for example, if you wanted to make a category 'Folklore and Mythology', simply put [[Category:Folklore and Mythology]] as the last line of your article. Note that putting this tag at the end of your article also automatically inserts a link to that article on the new category page.

If you think that the new category is actually a sub-category of one of the main categories, then do the same thing on the new sub-category page that has just been created. That is, go to the sub-category page for "Folklore and Mythology" (there should be a link at the end of the new article you created above), and edit that page, putting [[Category:Higher Category Name]] at the end of the page (I actually think Folklore and Mythology is a top-end category...but I thought it worthwhile going through the process in case anyone needs to make a new subcategory).

Please try and fit articles within the current categories - if it doesn't fit under a sub-category, then often it can go under the top-end category as a 'general' associated topic. If you make a new category don't be surprised if the article is moved to an existing one (if it fits). New categories should only be created as a last resort (in the case of 'Folklore and Mythology' though, I think it warrants its own category).

Note that for new categories to show up on the front page, I need to add them there - so if a new category is created but doesn't show up on the main page, leave a message in my Talk page.

Greg 22:38, 4 December 2005 (GMT)
  • Is there a banner or a logo we can use to link to and promote The Red Pill on our site?

No, not at the moment, although you are free to use the current logo directly from the website. We welcome any links and appreciate your help!