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Copyright on TPR Articles

The license The Red Pill uses grants free access to our content via copyleft. That is to say, our content can be copied, modified, and redistributed as long as the new version grants the same freedoms to others and acknowledges the authors of the article used (credit via a direct link back to the article). All articles therefore will remain free forever and can be used by anybody subject to certain restrictions, most of which serve to ensure that freedom.

To fulfill the above goals, the text contained in The Red Pill is licensed to the public under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL).

Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, with no Front-Cover Texts, and with no Back-Cover Texts.
Please also see our disclaimer.

Contributors should note that when they edit or add to an article, they grant reproducing rights to The Red Pill indefinitely. You cannot decide at a later time to claim copyright infringement against us for reproducing your work.

If you find copyright infringement on TPR

Please point out or correct any obvious breaches of copyright in articles on The Red Pill. Always make sure that it is indeed a copyright infringement before doing so. Obviously, if you edit the text to remove the copyright infringement, make a note explaining your reason with supporting evidence. Also, rather than simply removing the text, try to refine the information into the article without breaching copyright, and including any necessary references.

If you are the owner of content reproduced on The Red Pill, and it has been used without your permission, then you may request the page be immediately removed from Wikipedia via our Request for immediate removal of copyright violation page. You can also contact our Designated agent to have it permanently removed, but the former avenue will likely result in the fastest removal. Please support your claim of ownership when you contact us.