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The Red Pill is meant as a catalogue of topics which sit on the margins of reality, and which are often not published by mainstream sources. The Red Pill is a Wiki, which means that it is a community-driven site - articles are written and edited by interested people from around the globe. You too can join and write articles, add a sentence here or there, or just fix some bad punctuation. Dive in!

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The Red Pill: History

The Red Pill was begun at the start of November, 2005. Greg Taylor, owner/editor of The Daily Grail, conceived of the idea and created it as an adjunct to his website.

Contributing to The Red Pill

Anyone, including you, can contribute to The Red Pill, by clicking on the Edit this page tab at the top of each article. Before starting to contribute however, you should check out some handy helping tools such as this Wikipedia tutorial.

The Red Pill: Copyright

All the text on The Red Pill, and most of the images and other content, are covered by the GNU Free Documentation License. Contributions remain the property of their creators, while the GFDL license ensures the content will remain freely distributable and reproducible. Please note, however, that your personal contribution to 'The Red Pill' is allowed to be edited/deleted by others in the community. This is not a violation of your copyright (you remain free to reproduce the text elsewhere).