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Joe McMoneagle

Joseph McMoneagle (born January 10th, 1946) is one of the most well-known and respected remote viewers to emerge from the U.S. Army's Stargate program. McMoneagle is listed as "Remote Viewer #001".

Early History

McMoneagle was born premature (weighing 1 pound 12 ounces) with his twin sister Margaret, and raised in lower income areas of Miami, Florida. By his own testimony (see his book The Stargate Chronicles), his father was an alcoholic, and his mother overly fearful for her children's safety, to the point of being abusive in trying to control them. He says that his natural ability as a psychic was forged in this environment:

Over the years, I began to display an almost uncanny ability to read my mother's actions long before even she knew what she was going to do. In hindsight, I'd have to say it was the natural evolution of a survival skill.

McMoneagle also claims to have memories extending back to within his first year after birth, and says his twin sister Margaret was even more 'psychic' than he. When 10 or 11 years old, he says he was 'visited' by some sort of entity (astral guide, embodied subconscious or similar) who was Indian in appearance and went by the name Karanja. He has had subsequent visits from Karanja throughout his life, one of which happened during a meditation at a Gateway Seminar at the Monroe Institute.

In 1964 McMoneagle joined the Army, going in to basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Army Intelligence decided to recruit him on the basis of his test scores, and so McMoneagle went into signals intelligence training at Fort Devens, Massachusetts, learning to translate Morse Code.

His first tour of duty was on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas. McMoneagle says only two things of note happened during his stay there - Hurricane Betsy and a close encounter with a UFO:

We found ourselves enveloped within a very bright cone of light, which was coming from the undercarriage of something hovering directly over us. The object appeared to be approximately fourteen hundred feet above the ground. It was making no noise. In fact, it was like standing inside a vacuum bottle: now we couldn't even hear the waves breaking on the beach to our immediate right. The object was elliptical in shape, and appeared to be quite large. The light was bright enough to make me want to protect my eyes from exposure. After a few seconds, the light winked off, and the object accelerated away, quickly disappearing from sight.

McMoneagle relates that both he and his acquaintance sported a severe sunburn the next day.

He met his first wife Sue shortly before his assignment to South Vietnam, postponing their wedding until after his return. McMoneagle describes his experience in Vietnam as "not pleasant...Wars are evil." He does say though that his psychic ability came to the fore in letting him know when he was in danger.

After Vietnam, and a quick stopover to get married to Sue in America, McMoneagle was given orders for Southern Germany. It was during this tour of duty that he had a classic Near Death Experience after collapsing outside a restaurant. He describes this as a turning point in his life, which influenced him to dig deeper into the metaphysical world, reading historical and religious classics. After this point he also had regular spontaneous out of body experiences.

After his stint in Europe, McMoneagle was sent to Thailand from 1971 to 1973. During this time his relationship with his first wife came to an end, despite the birth of his son. He also had a second Near Death Experience after becoming very ill with Hepatitis B.

McMoneagle met his second wife, Margaret Mary Murphy while assigned again to Europe. In 1977 he was posted back to the United States to Arlington hall Station as the senior projects officer for the deputy chief of staff for Signals Intelligence and Electronic Warfare (INSCOM). It was here that he had a cryptic meeting with Scotty Watt and Fred 'Skip' Atwater, who were scouting McMoneagle for their remote viewing project, in October 1978.

Stargate History

Subsequent to his scouting by Atwater and Watt, McMoneagle agreed to further testing by Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ at SRI in California. In his very first test he received a first-class match to the target, Stanford University Art Museum. However, after returning to the project base at Fort Meade, he spent a couple of months (and around 24 practice attempts) not achieving the same success. However, on the 25th he reports that something changed, and from then on his success rate went through the roof. In his words, "suddenly everything was connected in my head...from that point on, I began to improve remarkably from practice session to practice session."

At the end of 1978, the group moved from practice sessions to evaluations, and in 1979 the core group was opened up to other agencies for tasking, with the project name changing from Stargate to Grill Flame. In November 1979 the group was tasked for numerous hours on the Tehran hostage crisis.

During this time, he recounts that his relationship with his second life was deteriorating, and also from 1980 he began having serious health issues. These combined with a heavy workload added up to an emotional low point for McMoneagle.

In 1983, McMoneagle accompanied Fred Atwater to the Monroe Institute to meet personally with the famous 'out-of-body traveller' Robert Monroe. It was during this trip that he first bumped into his future third wife, Nancy Honeycutt (known to her friends and family as 'Scooter'), the stepdaughter of Robert Monroe. About a month later, he returned to the Monroe Institute to take part in a 'Gateway Seminar', which use Monroe's Hemi-Sync tapes to 'tune in' to the astral body - McMoneagle says that they certainly had some sort of effect on him.

Upon returning from the Gateway Seminar, McMoneagle heard his mother had passed away. While in Miami for her funeral, he also learnt that his father was terminally ill. McMoneagle began travelling regularly on weekends to the Monroe Institute to create a personalised set of Hemi-Sync tapes for himself, working closely with Robert Monroe. However, he would soon suffer two more low-points, with the death of his father from throat cancer, and the end of his second marriage. Soon after he applied for retirement from the U.S Army.

McMoneagle retired from the Army in 1984 and earned a Legion of Merit award for "providing crucial and vital intelligence unavailable from any other source."

Post-Stargate History

McMoneagle maintained his association with the psychic spying program through the company he founded in 1984, Intuitive Intelligence Applications and has continued working as a consultant to the Cognitive Sciences Lab at SRI International. McMoneagle is still employed as a research associate at the Cognitive Sciences Lab (now in Palo Alto) working closely with scientist Dr Edwin May. McMoneagle has successfully demonstrated remote viewing on numerous television programs.

Towards the end of his army career he met Nancy Honeycutt at the Monroe Institute, whom he married on November 22nd, 1984 (Thanksgiving Day). In June 1985 McMoneagle suffered a heart attack which almost took his life, and in 1998 he underwent a second open-heart bypass operation.

Remote Viewing Successes

McMoneagle has had a number of successes viewing targets which have gone down in remote viewing folklore. Some of his more famous efforts:

  • In 1978 he successfully 'viewed' the new Abrams XM-1 tank, which was hidden within an aircraft hangar. He even described the insides of the tank.
  • In September 1979 McMoneagle appears to have identified the construction of the first Russian Typhoon class submarine, identifying the twin-hull, the approximate length and the canted missile tubes on the submarine. He also predicted when it would be launched.
  • In 1995 former President Carter discussed one particular incident in which the group was tasked with finding a downed Soviet aircraft missing over Zaire which may have been carrying nuclear technology. Three of the viewers, including McMoneagle, put the plane within an overlapping 13 kilometre circle, while an SRI viewer was accurate to within one kilometre.


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