Hunt for the Skinwalker

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Book cover for Hunt for the Skinwalker
Hunt for the Skinwalker is a book by George Knapp and Colm Kelleher which chronicles the NIDS (National Institute for Discovery Science) investigation of the so-called "Skinwalker Ranch". Published by Paraview Pocket Books in December 2005, the book leads off with the bizarre history behind the 'haunted' ranch in Utah. Over the course of many decades, perplexing events have reportedly occured at the site - cattle mutilations, UFO sightings, and the appearance of huge, otherworldly creatures.

Author Colm Kelleher was one of the leading investigators with NIDS, while George Knapp is a respected investigative reporter well-known for his stories on Area 51 and other UFO-related phenomenon. Knapp and Kelleher lead off with anecdotes from the previous owner of the ranch, Tom Gorman (a pseudonym). Gorman allegedly encountered giant wolves that couldn't be killed, saw a portal in the sky from which a UFO appeared, had cattle mutilated within minutes of him being on the scene, and saw refrigerator-like UFOs (a surprisingly similar description to sightings in Brazil, reported by Jacques Vallee).

Millionaire businessman Robert Bigelow bought the ranch in order to study this strange list of phenomena, through the scientific research organisation which he formed, the National Institute of Discovery Science (NIDS). Hunt for the Skinwalker is the first real narration of the events they witnessed - one researcher is said to have seen a 'portal' open up and a strange creature climb out of it. Kelleher himself witnessed a large creature in a tree, as well as UFO-like lights. Anomalous magnetic readings were found after some of these strange events took place.

The book finishes by examining other similar cases (such as those found in Dulce, New Mexico), investigations and theories as to what is happening (tapping resources from Vallee to modern physics). The blurb for the book reads:

The Leading a first-class team of research scientists on a disturbing odyssey into the unknown, Colm Kelleher spent hundreds of days and nights on the Skinwalker property and experienced firsthand many of its haunting mysteries. With investigative reporter George Knapp -- the only journalist allowed to witness and document the team's work -- Kelleher chronicles in superb detail the spectacular happenings the team observed personally, and the theories of modern physics behind the phenomena. Far from the coldly detached findings one might expect, their conclusions are utterly hair-raising in their implications. Opening a door to the unseen world around us, Hunt for the Skinwalker is a clarion call to expand our vision far beyond what we know.

The book appears to be a 'popular read' targeting the general public, rather than a detailed scientific report on the NIDS investigation.

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